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  • Rosewill RGM-1100 Gaming Mouse Review
  • Rosewill RGM-1100 Gaming Mouse Review


    Testing and Conclusion

    As with all mice I like to take a bit longer to really get used to the feel of a mouse.  I spend a good week using the RGM 1100 as my default mouse and several hours playing games.  It usually takes a good day or two to get used to the shape and glide but the transition to the RGM was closer to an hour of Battlefield 4.  Not bad!

    I tested the mouse though a busy day of work and over a solid night of four hours plus gaming.  I did find my grip shifted back on the body as I got used to it in my palm grip.  My palm would rest on the mouse pad more than I am used too in that stance and had me contemplating an old competition wrist band.  I do have longer fingers as I am taller than most.


    Rosewill has done a nice job incorporating all of the popular gaming features into the RGM-1100 Gaming Mouse and still keeping the price well below the competition. The addition of Omron switches for the primary buttons insures a good long life as well.  Overall the look and feel of the RGN-1100 exceeded my expectations making it my new go to recommend for budget gaming builds.

    I am often amused by PC enthusiasts that spend hundreds of dollars on upgrades but still use an ancient old mouse.  Rosewill has proven that even a performance gaming mouse doesn’t have to break the budget.  Still not using a gaming mouse?  You have no excuse now!

    Good Things

    Lots of bang for your buck
    Omron switches
    Programmable lighting
    Comfortable grip
    Cool weighting system

    Bad Things

    No onboard memory
    Limited DPI control
    Right hand only