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  • Rosewill RGM-1100 Gaming Mouse Review
  • Rosewill RGM-1100 Gaming Mouse Review


    Layout and Features

    The overall design of the RGM-1100 brings to mind several highly rated mice with its all black color scheme mounted on a one piece Aluminum chassis and that is a good thing!

    On the right side we have a textured shape that cradles the pinkie just slightly as it tapers back from the long one piece top surface.  The rubber textured wheel floats in the space between the main buttons and feels nice and easy to find by touch.   Two buttons behind it are set to switch the DPI and for three round burst by default but can be programmed in the software.

    A more traditional set of thumb buttons fill out the left side above a concave grip surface that feels more comfortable with the grip further back on the body.  The overall size is smaller than it looks and noticeably flatter than my normal ROCCAT designs.

    From the back view, you can see the back tapers off aggressively with a nicely placed logo to accent the design.  The logo and the two side windows light up nicely.  Your hand will cover the logo but the other lights are placed so they glow in the spaces around your hand.

    The bottom is definitely dominated by the Aluminum cradle. A set of four Teflon feeling feet keep things moving.