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  • Rosewill RGM-1100 Gaming Mouse Review
  • Rosewill RGM-1100 Gaming Mouse Review


    Layout and Features Continued

    That braided cable is 6 feet long and looks great feeding into a gold plated connector.  The cord is pretty solid and required some stretching to iron out the bends right out of the box.

    You may have noticed the little button on the bottom of the RGM above.  That button releases a drawer on the back right side that holds up to six weights.  I have to confess it took a second look (or more) to figure that out.  I am so used to seeing these buttons for syncing wireless mice I missed it!

    A quick glance at the packaging confirms that six weights should be provided in retail.  Our sample RGM came with a full complement of nine individual weights in a rather nondescript metal container.  Each weight is the same and unmarked.  I think they are 1 gram weights.

    Six weights makes sense as the spring assisted tray will only hold six.  The individual weights fit into shaped slots to prevent any rattling around.  It’s a slick system.