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  • Patriot Viper Gaming 4266Mhz 16GB Blackout Edition Memory Review
  • Patriot Viper Gaming 4266Mhz 16GB Blackout Edition Memory Review


    Benchmarks - Overclocked

    As with all of our reviews, we pit the default speed system against the overclocked one in a head-to-head byte match.  Normally I like to leave the base system, (CPU, Chipset etc..) stock in these instances to give a real apples to apples comparison and is what I did on the previous page by switching between XMP #1 and XMP #2.  However, the purpose of overclocking is to tweak things and that is what in this section to help things along. 

    The effective overclock for these tests was 4666Mhz with a matching memory controller clock of 4600Mhz.  Voltage remained the same at 1.46v which was the configured voltage for XMP #2.

    Viper Gaming Blackout Edition XMP 4666Mhz
    SiSoft Sandra
    AIDA64 Extreme Edition
    Unigine Heaven Benchmark
    BAPCo SYSmark 25
    UL PCMark 10
    Overclocking Conclusion

    Overclocking memory can be an arduous task of trial and error.  As with most system overclocking the balance we are trying to maintain is a relationship between temperature, voltage and frequency.  Chip quality will sway the balance and is where we normally land in terms of overclocking stability. 

    To be honest I am really impressed with these modules and how well the Samsung B-Die responded to voltage and frequency.  The only major change I made was to drop the CAS Latency down to 19 and then started raising the frequency.  After that it was just a quick stability test to confirm the settings.