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  • GSKill TridentZ Neo 3600Mhz RGB CL16 DDR4 Quad Channel Ryzen Memory Review
  • GSKill TridentZ Neo 3600Mhz RGB CL16 DDR4 Quad Channel Ryzen Memory Review



    One of the most popular names in the world of PC Enthusiast memory is GSKill.  They are consistently one of the top brands on the market offering memory modules that are surprisingly affordable while offering some of the highest speeds, lowest timings and largest capacities of any memory maker.  We started using GSKill memory back in the DDR3 days and have consistently used those modules on both our test bench and overclocking rigs

    In this review we are looking at the GSKill Trident Z Neo quad channel memory kit running at 3600Mhz with a CAS latency of CL16.  All modules combined this is a 32GB memory kit designed as an AMD exclusive offering the best performance for the unique Ryzen memory controller and limitations of the Infinity Fabric.

    Limitation might be a harsh word to describe the Ryzen and Threadripper memory controller but, it is very well known that for maximum stability the Infinity Fabric frequency tends to top out at 1800Mhz.  Some processors can push beyond this however; retail systems intended for full stability will want to stay at 1800Mhz or less.  To get the most from the memory controller the memory clock needs to be set 1:1 matching the Infinity Fabric clock meaning that 3600Mhz is the magical number.

    It is true, you can overclock a Threadripper memory beyond 3600Mhz and the system will run quite well.  What you’ll be surprised to know that while the memory is running faster it can make the system slower as a whole.