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  • Gigabyte X79 UD7 OC Motherboard Preview
  • Gigabyte X79 UD7 OC Motherboard Preview


    unBoxing - Layout

    Since this is a motherboard preview let's start with a full unboxing of the X79 starting with the outer packaging.  The front and back of the box are quiet descriptive and show the UD7 along with a list of product features.  3D power is a new option found on this motherboard and describes the new PWM controlling the CPU and memory banks.
    Inside the box you will find two additional boxes holding the motherboard and supporting accessories.  Much to our surprise the motherboard is not encased in a static bag but rather just sits on some pink foam and is viewable behind a plastic window.
    The accessory box is common with most high end motherboards and contains everything you can expect to have with this motherboard.