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  • MSI X370 Krait Gaming Motherboard Review
  • MSI X370 Krait Gaming Motherboard Review


    UEFI Features

    MSI motherboards come with a rather unique UEFI that is divided up into six major menus.  Within those menus are specialized sections to control features like overclocking and onboard peripherals.  We have seen this menu before and have grown accustomed to where things are but new MSI users will need to spend some time hunting around.  Each menu features a proper title and breadcrumb trail so you’ll always know where you are and how to get back.

    Below are some of the screens from the MSI X370 Krait Gaming UEFI in no particular order.

    As with all BIOS menus it is a good idea to root around and identify all of the settings you are looking for and discover what their dependencies might be. The UEFI defaults are quite good so there is little reason to enter the UEFI except in a few select circumstances like setting boot order or enabling XMP.