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  • Creative SXFI Gamer Headphone Review
  • Creative SXFI Gamer Headphone Review


    Super X-FI Control Software

    Super X-Fi processing, or Super X-Fi headphone Holography, is the process of using the shape of your ears and head to help determine how your ears process sound and will adjust accordingly.  This does require you to download the app on a compatible phone.

    You will need to set up a profile and take a couple of pictures to get your sound profile created. Creative will remind you to create and link your Super X-Fi profile before attempting to set-up on your PC or Mac.

    The additional setup may seem fiddly but your profile can be used across multiple devices and saved for future use. If you have multiple profiles, you can chose between them through the software.

    Once logged in you can confirm the status in the lower left corner.  Default is the standard SXFI mode which is great for music or movies.  The status acts as a toggle to switch between SXFI mode, SXFI Gamer mode and SXFI off though this can also be done in the left hand side menu. Volume is always visible.

    The software suite is pretty simple with a menu across the left side. After the previously mentioned SXFI toggle you will find an Equalizer, Lighting controls and Setup and settings at the bottom.

    The Equalizer is off by default allowing the DSP to work without manual intervention. Turning it on provides a set of 5 presets; Classical, Flat, Pop, Game and Cinema.  You can also manually adjust and save profiles for future use.

    The lighting control is also pretty basic allowing you to choose a color for the RGB highlights or to turn it off completely. I like the option to choose the color by slider or by the specific color code. The manual and website mention color cycling but it is not currently in the software and can only be enabled from the headset.  Sadly this means you can only cycle through the primary colors and have no option for custom light patterns.

    On the setup tab there are two options. The first lets you choose from stereo processing or enable software surround sound at either 5.1 or 7.1. 

    Make sure you choose the matching sound option in your app/game of choice for best results!

    The Settings tab gives you a choice of General options including a nice getting started video and the ability to upgrade the software suite.  I upgraded right out of the box to version