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  • Creative SXFI Gamer Headphone Review
  • Creative SXFI Gamer Headphone Review


    Creative SXFI Gamer Layout and Features

    Although the SXFI Gamers do look great, my favorite thing about them is just how light they feel at 349g (12.31 oz). This does result in a bit smaller over ear cups to fit the 50mm custom tuned drivers but I never felt them touching my ears during gaming sessions.

    The ear pads are finished in sealed black leatherette covers. These closed cups are padded with comfortable memory foam and are removable.  The closed design is great for sound isolation but can make things a bit hot after a long gaming session.

    I wonder if the removable design will lead to some aftermarket upgradability that might draw a balance between isolation and airflow?.

    Creative supplies two cables; the USB Type C cable and an analog 3.5 mm cable. The USB C cable is finished with reinforced Kevlar for incredible durability.  I should note that the USB connection is required to get the SXFI DSP functionality and for those without a USB Type C connection you'll get a Type A to Type C adaptor.

    I found the adjustability pretty good.  The sizing even goes up to 11! The fit is comfortable even though the top padding is almost nonexistent. The clamping pressure is firm and works well with the memory foam and the weight to keep the set firmly in place without becoming noticeable when in use.

    The removable Commander Mic uses active noise cancelling and sounds super clear both in game and while using Discord or Team Speak. The Mic is super adjustable but can be sensitive to placement and needs to be directly in front of your mouth.

    A red LED and a voice prompt notify you when the mic is toggled on/off. 

    There is one odd thing about the SFXI Gamer is that the Mic is always audible for monitoring and cannot be adjusted.

    All of the controls are found on the left side and placed around the cable ports. The highest button toggles the RGB lighting.

    Next we have the Mic port, USB C and line in ports.  The mic fits quite firmly in the deep socket requiring a firm hand to add or remove. USB- C is the preferred installation method as the software depends on it to utilize the DSP feature but, the option to use your SXFi gamers with a 3.5 mm Stereo device is a nice option.

    On the back side we have the SXFI button and will switch between SXFI mode, SXFI Battle Mode and SXFI off without having to toggle away from your game!

    A nice tactile volume control dial and a microphone mute round out the controls.