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  • Creative T100 Compact Hi-Fi 2.0 Desktop Speaker Review
  • Creative T100 Compact Hi-Fi 2.0 Desktop Speaker Review


    Testing and Conclusion

    Testing audio quality is very subjective and cannot be measured without thousands of dollars worth of equipment.  Even then, no two people hear sound quite the same way.  Still comparing audio provides a way to determine how clearly you might hear different instruments on a music track or how well you can identify direction in a surround sound game.

    To test the T100 speakers I connected first to our Sound Blaster X3 AMP/DAC to enjoy all that Super X-Fi goodness. I ran through the usual selection of FLAC titles to really get an idea of the range.  I can report the T100 speakers sound far better than I expected even giving a fair attempt at bass fill.

    Next I used my Amazon Echo Show 5 to test both aux connectivity and Bluetooth functionality.  I played music from a variety of sources and again found the T100s sounded better than any of the speakers I have used in that size range.  Call them satellite speakers maybe?

    One drawback to the small size is the only mode indicator is a small light in the front of the right speaker.  It is quite difficult to tell what mode you are in or if Bluetooth pairing is happening in a well lit room.  And the light does not go off for listening in a dark room. It’s a minor quibble but I do miss my voice prompts from my iRoar go!


    Sometimes I feel like a set of satellite speakers can be an afterthought or simply a fallback when space is a premium.  With the Creative T100 Speakers you can rethink your definition of satellite speakers really are.  If you are looking for a small set of speakers for your PC, laptop or simply to elevate you smart device you may have found your solution! Of course, you won’t get the thump of a dedicated subwoofer but that costs more and takes up precious space.

    Creative continues to defy my expectations of just how much sound I can get from a small package! With an elegant design, oodles of connectivity options and sound quality far beyond what you would expect, the Creative T100 speakers are the compact speakers that won’t leave you feeling compromised!

    Good Things

    Sophisticated design
    Full featured remote
    Surprising sound quality
    Connectivity options

    Bad Things

    No dedicated subwoofer
    No audible input prompt
    Status light is always on