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  • Patriot Supersonic Rage Pro USB 3.2 Gen 1 USB Drive Review
  • Patriot Supersonic Rage Pro USB 3.2 Gen 1 USB Drive Review



    SiSoft Sandra

    Sandra is a software collection of synthetic benchmarks that will give us a basic idea as to what a system is capable of. It should be noted that SiSoft numbers can change depending on what hardware is being tested.  These were recorded using Sandra Professional Version 31.14.2021.3

    ATTO Disk Benchmark

    ATTO Disk Benchmark is a freeware disk benchmarking utility that can test a variety of storage solutions from single hard drives to multi-level RAID arrays and solid state disks.  The tests can be broken down to transfer sizes between 512B to 64MB with lengths between 64KB and 32GB.  Testing results are shown on a transfer chart with reads and writes clearly marked.

    For our benchmark the 64MB transfer is being recorded.

    Crystal Disk Mark

    Crystal Disk Mark is a widely available disk benchmarking program that can test a variety of different scenarios from Sequential to Random with Multiple and Single queues.

    For our tests the Sequential and Random test with multiple queues and threads will be recorded.

    Benchmark Conclusion

    The only real surprise here is how much faster the HyperX drive is over the Rage Pro.  This is something we recorded in the initial review back in 2018 and we suspect it is due to the nature of the M.2 drive used in the drive.  It is also interesting to be reminded at just how “slow” standard flash drives are when it comes to write performance and random access.  Sure, they are super-fast at reading data but, that isn’t always helpful unless the files are extremely small.

    The Rage Pro strikes a balance between the two making it a very well rounded drive.