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  • Proper Sound Card Testing, Cool PC Mods and 3D Printing Projects
  • Proper Sound Card Testing, Cool PC Mods and 3D Printing Projects

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    Proper PC Sound Card Testing
    It doesn’t happen very often but there are times when even the best reviewer needs to have someone else check their work and that happened with the recent Creative Sound Blaster AE-9 review.  Using the new sound card was an excellent experience with smooth sounds and crisp imaging when the card was testing using RightMark Audio Analyzer the results were less than stellar.   

    As it would turn out one of the common problems with professional Car and Home audio can plague PC sound, the “Ground Loop”.  A ground loop is when a common ground is used for individual speaker outputs and if you terminate those connections incorrectly then noise will leak from one channel to the other and introduce noise.  In car audio that is often noise from the charging system and in home audio that can be the power supply in the amplifier.

    Well, in the PC world most sound cards are shielded from ground loops and EMI but when you are increasing audio quality and connectivity you sometimes need to take precautions.  As it would turn out one simple mistake in how the AE-9 was hooked up created a nasty noise loop that was easily resolved using a proper RCA cable.

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    PC Modding with Cable Extensions
    Another recent review features the new PP07E cable extensions from SilverStone.  These are 18 gauge braided cable extensions designed to dress up your PC by hiding the ugly factory power supply wires.  The new cables from SilverStone are super flexible and feature a bonded braiding that will resist damage and fraying typical of many other cable extensions you can buy.

    Something that wasn’t in a recent review is the new 120mm Air Penetrator fan from SilverStone that features the great Air Penetrator fan grill and a sturdy black frame and a slightly different fan blade design.

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    3D Printing Project
    Working from home has its advantages and if you are a project based person you not only have more time to work on projects but plenty of time to actually finish them.  Darren shared his new 3D Printing project which is a Porsche brake system desk clock.  He plans to print it to match the brakes on his current car with an option to scale it up for a wall clock version in the garage.

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    Episode 111 featured music:
    Little People - Start Shootin' (http://www.littlepeoplemusic.com/)