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  • Consumer Electronics Show 2023 Travel Log Breakdown
  • Consumer Electronics Show 2023 Travel Log Breakdown


    Hosts: Dennis Garcia and Darren McCain
    Time: 52:17

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    Originally recorded January 2023

    Show Notes

    The end and beginning of the year are interesting times for the Hardware Asylum Podcast.  Typically, we have a single holiday show in December due to the onslaught of holiday events, travel and gaming.  The following January is no different given that we generally have to delay recording the podcast due to the Consumer Electronics Show happing the first week.  Of course, the past two years were different due to global conditions we would rather not dwell on.

    2023 marks our first year back to CES and we decided to take some time and talk about all of the vendors we met with, tell some stories and give our listeners a sense of how the largest American trade show has changed.

    Below you’ll find as gallery of photos discussed during the show along with some links to a highlight article and short YouTube video we published.

    Pepcom - Digital Experence

    Vendor Images