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  • Cooler Master MasterCase Maker 5t Case Review
  • Cooler Master MasterCase Maker 5t Case Review


    MasterCase Maker 5t System Install

    In an attempt to provide a bit of scale I installed a MSI X99 Tomahawk to check motherboard alignment and see what kind of cooling clearances we have to work with.  With the motherboard installed you’ll find plenty of room surrounding the motherboard to route cables and a good amount of space at the top of the case for additional fans. 

    I have always liked it when cases come with power supply covers and while most companies market the feature as a separation of space it really is a cable management thing allowing you to completely hide the PSU and only show the cables that are needed at the appropriate time.

    Of course the downside is the clearance between the bottom of the motherboard and the basement cover.  As you can imagine when SSDs are installed you effetely lose access to the last expansion slot and if your motherboard connections don’t like up perfectly with the provided holes you get to expose more wires than you want.

    For me, installing hardware is the best part of building a PC.  You get to plug stuff together and feel a little pride in your work.  To help move things along Cooler Master has included a kit of parts including a microfiber cloth, several bags of screws, some zip ties and the keys needed to open the side panels. All of this is packed neatly in a Cooler Master branded tin box which is amazing considering that most just give you a plastic bag.  Well done!