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  • Cooler Master MasterAir Pro CPU Heatsink Roundup
  • Cooler Master MasterAir Pro CPU Heatsink Roundup


    Cooler Installation

    The installation method is one I haven’t seen in a really long time (queue Star Wars meme) with a twist.   In the package you will find everything you need including a universal back plate and scissor style mounting clip that adjusts to match the desired processor platform. 

    You also have the option to use Intel style push clips giving these coolers a bit of an OEM feel.  While I do find the scissor style mounting to be time consuming it does feel more secure than using the push clips and exerts less pressure on your PCB.  (bending is generally bad)

    For this review I’ll be using the old method but will provide some photos of how the push style works.

    To begin you will need to first install the backplate which is held in place with four bolts that double as the heatsink standoffs.  Be careful during this stage of the installation since the standoffs are individual in nature you can easily drop them if the motherboard is still installed in your case.

    Tighten the nuts using the included tool and a Phillips screwdriver or socket if you so desire.

    Based on experience I know that this next step can be tricky so it is always best to do a test fit before attaching the heatsink.  Basically you'll need to make sure the mounting screws are in the proper position for your motherboard and that the mounting clip is opened to the right position.

    There is a notch located near the center of the scissor mount that aligns to a pin on the heatsink, and has to be lined up to ensure that the heatsink is properly mounted and does not rotate on the processor.

    The final step is to apply some thermal compound, install the heatsink in the desired orientation and feed the scissor mount thru the base of the heatsink.  At this point you can open the mounting clip to the proper position and make sure the pin on the heatsink lines up with the mounting clip.  After that use a Phillips screwdriver and tighten each of the screws in an alternating pattern until they have fully seated.

    Intel Push Style

    If you choose to use the Intel style push clips you'll need to secure them to each corner of the heatsink base with two screws each.  In terms of time and effort it is almost not worth it.  Of course #YMMV