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  • beQuiet! Shadow Rock LP Low Profile Heatsink Review
  • beQuiet! Shadow Rock LP Low Profile Heatsink Review



    In this review I looked at the Shadow Rock LP from beQuiet!.  This is a low profile cooler designed for low powered systems with a TDP of 130w or less.  This TDP limit is not by accident since 130w allows the cooler to be used on LGA 2011 systems at stock clocks or on LGA 115x with some allowances for overclocking.  As our benchmarks proved the 130w appears to be accurate with a little wiggle room.

    Overall construction of the Shadow Rock LP is quite good with sturdy radiator fins and good soldered connections at the heatpipe.  The mounting system is also a nice addition that applies pressure at the center of the heatsink instead of at the corners.  While there are still a good number of steps to follow making the process rather time consuming but when you are done the heatsink is well secured.

    The interesting thing about the Shadow Rock LP is that despite the decision to leave the metal raw and untreated they did spent some time making the cooler look good.  A good example of this is the brushed aluminum cover located on top.  This is a pure design element that shows that you can make any cooler look exceptional. 

    During the heat tests the Asus turbo fan profile was used to control the PWM fan.  Despite the name the Turbo profile is actually quite silent when the system is properly cooled however, when CPU temps start to approach 50c the fan speed will ramp up and caused even the beQuiet! fan to become audible.  This is one reason why the Shadow Rock LP was able to support more than 130w of power so keep that in mind when designing your own systems.

    Good Things

    True Low Profile Design
    Silentwings Cooling Fan
    Four Heatpipe Design
    Thick Fin Radiator
    Brushed Heatsink Cover
    130w Power Handling

    Bad Things

    Had trouble getting fan clips installed

    Hardware Asylum Rating
    beQuiet! Shadow Rock LP Low Profile Heatsink Review