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  • Aorus Gaming Peripherals Roundup


    Aorus K7 Keyboard Layout and Features

    While things may be on the smaller side, the K7 is a full size mechanical keyboard.  Cherry MX Red key switches are surface mounted making the Fusion RGB lighting very visible.  This type of setup has become popular for RGB lit keyboards but it does make the Cherry switch noise more pronounced.  Branding is kept to a minimum with a nicely lit Aorus bird near the function lights and a tasteful Aorus on the front of the frame.

    All of the standard features we have grown to expect from a keyboard marketed to gamers are present including NKRO rollover and full anti ghosting.

    The back surface has an interesting V pattern that contains the USB cable.  The sturdy cable is a 2 meter long plastic coated run that is not detachable.  I am always a fan of removable cables but find most don’t ever need to be replaced.

    It takes a closer look to spot the orange accent to that grey surface but it makes a nice detail  that works really well with orange lighting. Another nice feature is the adjustable height.  Each of the back feet can be dialed up using the associated dial in the back of the frame.  It is an unexpected touch that works quite well. Combining the height adjustment with the curved front surface goes a long way towards making up for not including a wrist rest.

    RGB lighting really has taken the gaming peripherals world by storm so it is no surprise to see it on an Aorus branded keyboard.  Aorus uses a 16.8 million color system they call RGB Fusion.  The fusion lighting can be controlled from the keyboard directly or from the software.  Hardware control is pretty nice but it does mean the implementation is on the simpler side for the market.  In practice I dialed it in across the entire line and left it cycling along beautifully.

    Mini Conclusion

    Read on for more on testing the K7 keyboard and my detailed thoughts on the Aorus system. For the impatient, I found the Aorus K7 confident if not feature rich and great for a smaller gaming space!