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  • Sound BlasterX Weapons Crate Review
  • Sound BlasterX Weapons Crate Review


    Sound BlasterX AlphaPad High Performance Mousepad

    Rounding out the Sound BlasterX Weapon Crate is the AlphaPad performance mouse pad.  I’ll be honest, there’s not really much to say about most mouse pads.    Everyone needs one so why not spring for a good one right?

    The BlasterX AlphaPad is a cloth textured black with the most aggressive branding out of all the included products.  Measuring in a slightly large 270mm x 350mm x 2.7mm (~10.6 x 13.7 x .1 inches) the AlphaPad is about as big as I ever recommend.

    • Crease-free, durable fabric optimized for low-mid DPI values (200-1600)
    • Consistent weave density for assured pixel accurate sensor tracking
    • Heavy duty rubber base with textured grip pattern
    • 6-Month Limited Hardware Warranty

    The AlphaPad was rolled up inside the Weapons Crate and expected it to struggle with lying flat.  It did not and laid out extremely well. 

    Overall I found the Creative BlasterX AlphaPad to be very smooth and responsive with excellent feedback and mouse traction.  I have always preferred a rigid mouse pad but the AlphaPad is definitely a solid choice.