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  • Lexar SODIMM 8GB 2666Mhz Memory Module Review
  • Lexar SODIMM 8GB 2666Mhz Memory Module Review


    When Dual Channel Goes wrong

    I had mentioned how running mismatched memory modules was bad and figured I would include this set of benchmarks to illustrate my point.

    The benchmarks below are the same dual channel numbers from before with a reference system added which I will call “Bad Dual Channel”  The Bad Dual Channel configuration is an 8GB module matched with a 32GB module and then run on the same laptop.

    From a hardware standoint It does enable dual channel memory support but isn’t nearly as efficient as the 16GB dual channel with matched modules.

    The Bad Dual Channel 40GB CPUz
    SiSoft Sandra
    AIDA64 Extreme Edition
    UL PCMark 10
    Bad Dual Channel Conclusion

    Not much to say here.  The fact that I could extract benchmark numbers proves that installing mismatched memory modules will not kill your computer but, does make it slower than it should be. 

    Any “good” computer tech will know this and there is no excuse for not doing it correctly.