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  • SilverStone LSB02 Multifunction Addressable RGB Control Box Review
  • SilverStone LSB02 Multifunction Addressable RGB Control Box Review


    Lighting Demo Video and Conclusion

    To help answer the question of “What does the SilverStone LSB02 actually do?”  I have created a video.  The video features a full system build using the Silverstone lighting system along with a few other fancy components.

    Be sure to check out the Hackfort 2019 article for more information on this build including a detailed build list.


    I can honestly say that despite any sort of negative thing I could possibly say about the SilverStone LSB02 and SilverStone ARGB lighting accessories the entire system as a MAJOR hit.  As part of this review I decided to include them into a build I would be taking on the road with me and the first stop was a local 80 seat LAN party.  Everyone in attendance was really quite impressed with the build and was easily one of the most photographed systems at the event. 

    The second stop was an event called Hackfort.  This is a local tech conference where I was one of the presenters.  The build followed me and was one of the talking points when it came to custom PCs.  You may not be able to tell by looking but the build was done with 100% off the shelf components.  Nothing in the build had been modified and aside from cutting some tubing everything is stock right out of the box..  During the event the ARGB lights were once again a major talking point and went so far as to attract attention from across the room.

    Overall I found the LSB02 extremely easy to install.  The included cables provided plenty of length to hook up the fans and light strips where they needed to go and allowed some flexibility in how the lighting patterns would be represented.  For instance hooking the two front fans up with a splitter allowed them to mirror the patterns while daisy chaining the light strips allowed the lights to chase from one strip to another.  This can go a long way if you are looking for a specifc look in your build.

    I wasn’t very impressed with the AP142 Air Penetrator ARGB fans as I found the plastic to be too flexible for cooling use other than a low RPM case fan.  For active radiator cooling I would suggest picking something different simply because the AP142 tended to get really loud at higher RPMs.

    I’m also torn on the subject of controlling the SST-LSB02.  The hardware control is simply perfect and the remote gives you access to everything the controller has to offer.  However, it takes FOREVER to spin though every lighting mode and after awhile I question the longevity of the membrane buttons.  For this I do wish there was a software package available to configure the control module.  This, of course, would defeat one of the major purposes of having a hardware based RGB controller but, does solve the problem of configuring the control box and the issue of what to do when you lose the remote.

    The SilverStone LSB02 seems like a swiss army knife when it comes to a multifunction control box and covers all of the major features you would want.  The RGB lighting is extremely impressive with support up to 72 lights per ARGB channel.  There is an onboard PWM fan controller with temperature control and it offers remote start functionality for an added wow factor.  What is really great is that you can use the LSB02 in systems with and without existing RGB and can expect to find a lighting mode that compliments the system or completely replaces it.

    Good Things

    LOTS of Lighting Combinations
    Built in Remote Start
    Four Channel Fan Controller
    Works with SilverStone ARGB Accessories

    Bad Things

    Membrane remote control
    No software option
    Lack of input other than remote

    Hardware Asylum Rating
    SilverStone LSB02 Multifunction Addressable RGB Control Box Review