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  • Sapphire Pure Black P67 Motherboard Review
  • Sapphire Pure Black P67 Motherboard Review


    Bios Features

    For those of you expecting a typical blue Award BIOS join the club, it would seem Sapphire has made the switch to the UEFI BIOS format with an American Megatrends menu interface.  

    You will find some of the more interesting screens pictured below in no particular order.  Most of the screens shown here deal with overclocking but there are a few that enable and disable features.
    As with all BIOS menus it is a good idea to root around for a little while and locate all of the settings you are looking for.  Since Sandy Bridge overclocking is a little different than what we have come to expect it may take awhile to figure out where to go, or in our case, what to change.