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  • E3iO Snack Series SK02 Desktop PC Review
  • E3iO Snack Series SK02 Desktop PC Review


    System Construction

    Modern chassis design has allowed the system builders more freedom in how they install their components and ultimately the option to dress up their installations.  The most notable of these features is with cable management and the art of hiding extra wires to improve cooling and make things look nice and pretty.

    Boutique builds like the E3iO SK02 SNACK are custom by nature meaning that all of the cable management is done by hand and needs to be tailored to the overall system configuration.  Looking through the case we can see that all of the cables are routed out of the way with the majority of the wires being hidden from view.
    All of the cables you do see are stock.  By this we mean that there was no effort to dress up the wires beyond what was provided by the manufacture and, in some cases, may not look as nice as it could.  We don't feel this is a huge concern since 1) there is no side window and 2) Users of this product may never open the side panel again except to install additional hard drives.
    Of course all of those extra wires have to go somewhere and by removing the back panel, holding the power and reset buttons, you can get a glimpse of what was done to hide those wires from view.   As the photos show all of the extra power leads are tucked nicely under the motherboard tray and bound together with zipties.