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  • EVGA GTX 960 Super Superclocked Video Card Review
  • EVGA GTX 960 Super Superclocked Video Card Review


    Card Layout and Features

    The EVGA GTX 960 Super Superclocked comes equipped with the new EVGA ACX 2.0 Cooling solution that features some interesting technologies.  Not only does it cool better than the reference design but comes straight heatpipes for better efficiency and users double ball bearing fans that turn off completely if the card is below the thermal threshold.  These fans also feature low power motors and special swept fan blades that look like they are upside down but, still work extremely well.

    Flipping the card over we can make out where all of the major components are located.  Along the side nearest the video connections we have the VRM followed by the GPU which is surrounded by GDDR5 video memory chips.  Four spring loaded screws secure the cooler around the GPU. 

    Video output is comprised of a single dual link DVI-I video output combined with a single HDMI and three Display Port connections.  Four of these can be used at the same time allowing you to run 3-way surround and still have a spare monitor for use outside of the game.

    2-way SLI is possible using the GTX 960 given the single SLI bridge connection at the top of the card.  This is a typical offering for 60-series graphics cards as they are intended for mainstream use where dual graphics cards can deliver performance on par with a GTX 980.  For those wishing for more performance your money is usually better spent on a higher-end graphics card instead of relying on SLI.

    In the Box

    Included with each card you will get a single 6-pin PCI Express to 8-pin PCI Express power converters DVI to VGA adaptor, Case Badge Driver disk and two EVGA Mod Rigs stickers.  You also get a large "Stand By For Ownage" poster which is actually quite cool.  Posters like this have come with other EVGA graphics cards before and while folding makes them easy to put in the box the creases are difficult to remove if in event you wish to frame them.

    BTW check out the credits at the bottom of the poster.