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  • MSI GTX 660Ti Power Edition OC Video Card Review
  • MSI GTX 660Ti Power Edition OC Video Card Review


    Card Layout and Features

    The first thing you will notice is the impressive Twin Frozr IV heatsink that looks like it was lifted from a Lightning and shrunken down to fit.  Speaking of size the MSI GTX 660Ti measures in at 9.5 inches making it slightly larger than the Gigabyte GTX 660Ti and yet smaller overall.
    Flipping the card over we can make out where all of the major components are located.  Along the side nearest to the video connections we have the PWM followed by the GPU which is surrounded by GDDR5 video memory chips.  The Twin Frozr IV is held in place with four spring loaded screws and secured at each corner of the GPU.

    Video output is comprised of two dual link DVI video outputs combined with a single Display Port and standard HDMI connection.  All four of these can be used at the same time allowing you to run 3-way surround and still have a spare monitor for use outside of the game.
    Here is one of the coolest features of the GTX 660Ti, two SLI bridge connectors!  In the past NVidia has limited x60 cards to only a single bridge connection forcing hardware enthusiasts to by the more expensive GPUs.  That thinking has changed with the GTX 660Ti opening up multi-GPU configurations and 3-way SLI. 
    With the Twin Frozr IV removed we are left with the reinforcement bracket that also serves as the heatspreader for the PWM and memory chips.  Assuming that neither gets particularly warm there should be no issues with stability.