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  • NVIDIA RTX 4070 Video Card Review
  • NVIDIA RTX 4070 Video Card Review


    Metro Exodus Enhanced

    After the attack on D6, Artyom becomes disillusioned with the constant infighting and corruption within the Metro and leaves the Spartan Order. He soon becomes obsessed with proving that other human survivors exist outside of Moscow and makes numerous dangerous expeditions to the surface, much to Anna's concern and Miller's frustration.

    The entire Metro series has very demanding of computer hardware and comes with a built-in benchmark allowing you to test different settings and see what impact they have on overall performance

    Benchmark Settings
    Preset Ultra
    Ray Tracing High
    Nvidia DLSS Off / Balanced 
    Reflections Hybrid / Raytraced
    Variable Rate Shading 2x
    Advanced PhysX Off / On
    Tessellation Full

    I rather enjoy this benchmark since it is spawned from a standalone application in the Steam folder.  For the most part I run this using the standard template and change things to enable DLSS.