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  • Viotek GNV32DB Curved Gaming Monitor Review
  • Viotek GNV32DB Curved Gaming Monitor Review


    The Viotek GNV32DB up Close

    Modern gaming monitors have to major benefits, Size and Frequency.  The Viotek GNV32DB is a 32 inch wide screen monitor with a curved display and a radius of 1500mm or around 60 inches.  Physical dimensions are 28 inches wide by 20 inches tall with a weight of less than 16 pounds. 

    The monitor is built using a VA panel with a screen resolution of 2560x1440p @ 144hz

    Turning the monitor around is rather unassuming.  You’ll find a large Viotek logo across the top, mounting position in the middle and a removable panel at the bottom covering the video and power connections.  The back panel is very smooth and the white area around the mounting position will light up red when powered on.

    The nature of any monitor is that you’ll have a screen section and the electronics to control it.  As with most LCD/LED panels the electronics are located at the back of the screen towards the bottom.  You can get an indication of this by looking at the side profile of the GNV32DB.

    You will get a total of four video connections, three HDMI and a single Display Port.  HDMI3 and HDMI2 support HDMI 1.4 whereas HDMI1 supports the newer HDMI 2.0.  If you are using audio in your HDMI signals you can capture it with a 3.5mm plug located at the end.

    OSD (On Screen Display) buttons are located at the lower right of the monitor.  There is no master power switch but the monitor will sleep and not in use.  When the monitor is sleeping a blue activity LED (Located in the the small hole next to the power button) will flash and then turn solid when a signal is detected.  If you hit the power switch the light will turn off similar to pulling the power plug.

    Included Accessories

    In the box you’ll get the monitor stand that is broken into two parts.  Power Cord, Display Port cable, headphone stand, manual, mounting hardware and a screw driver.

    I wouldn’t consider the Display Port cable to be all that fancy, the cable is quite thin, no visible magnetic filters and the plugs are not gold plated.   They say fancy cables are the snake belly oil in the audio visual world but, I have yet to be disappointed when using a higher cost/quality cable and cannot say the same for the others.