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  • Viotek GNV32DB Curved Gaming Monitor Review
  • Viotek GNV32DB Curved Gaming Monitor Review



    While I may claim to be a monitor snob this was my first gaming experience using a curved monitor and I have to admit I am hooked.  Not only is the depth of field larger but the monitor physically fits better on my test bench.  I was disappointed that the monitor did not come with an adjustable height stand and eventually needed to place it on some blocks to get the height adjustment correct.  For those with wall mount of deskmount stands this will be less of an issue however, given the price point you will need to factor that into your decision.

    Overall I was really impressed with the Viotek GNV32GB.  This is a wide screen monitor with the right amount of screen resolution and a 144Hz refresh rate.  The screen is curved allowing users to get a better field of view and the contrast ratio adds the right amount of depth and detail.  I didn’t notice any dead pixels and when looking at high resolution photos you I could make out details that were normally hidden.

    There is plenty of competition in the gaming monitor space and many of the issues I have with the Viotek GNV32DB are likely economic in an attempt to keep the costs down and remain competitive.  For instance when I am shopping for a monitor one of my must have’s is an adjustable stand.  I’ve never had much luck with desk mounted monitor arms and like to make sure the panels are positioned correctly.  Having to add additional stands, boxes or backpacks under my monitor is a major fail in my book.  Viotek included the ability to install a 75x75 VESA stand which works around my issue and yet forces me to buy additional hardware.

    Overall resolution and color rendering were excellent and the 144Hz vertical refresh really smoothed out gameplay and allowed me to see when my system hitched instead of it getting masked by a 60Hz gap.  I did notice some uneasiness and tearing in games where the framerate was above 144Hz, such as Doom running at 200+.  I would have expected these to get buried instead of getting more pronounced.  I guess that would be a good to enable v-sync.

    The Viotek GNV32DB is one of the more affordable curved gaming panels on the market and are available most anywhere including Amazon for currently less than $300 USD.

    Good Things

    Great Color Rendering
    Curved Panel
    VA Panel is quite nice
    3000:1 Contrast Ratio
    144Hz Vertical Refresh
    Great Resolution 2560x1440

    Bad Things

    Only a kinda wide screen panel
    No adjustment monitor stand
    Blurry screen when not at native resolution