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  • Computex 2011 Day 3



    Over the course of a year Bitfenix has created a brand that existed with a single case and has since expanded that to include an entire line of cases and case accessories.  Many of them are pictured below.
    Starting with case accessories we have flexible lighting kits and a huge selection of LED fans.  If you look carefully you might even see the orange one down towards the end.

    Bitfenix started with the Colossus case and has since expanded into much more affordable designs like the Shinobi.  The Shinobi case is unique because you can buy custom inserts and totally change the look of the case based on what color combination you choose.
    There were a few new products on display including a prototype cooling control system which is also an iPhone app.  The application will be complimented by a touch screen front panel display to control fans, pumps, lights, or whatever else you may want to turn on or off.
    This last case is super elegant and really sleek.  It's one of their un-named prototype designs but keep an eye out for it as it should prove to be the sensible alternative to high end case designs.
    Well this concludes our Computex coverage.  Be sure to check out our other related articles and drop by the forums and provide some feedback on what you saw or want to see in the future.