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  • Thermaltake View X31 Modding Project


    The Painting Process

    Unlike with my previous modding projects I didn’t have a lot of time to take pictures of each stage in the process.  Though if I was honest I’ll just say I carried away and forgot so..  Here is what you get wink smile

    Some of the parts were suspended from the paint booth, these are typically parts that need to be fully coated and by hanging them in the air I can get to everything.

    White is a challenge to paint.  It is also extremely boring to watch since there isn’t much to see which also explains the challenge.  To paint anything you need a reference point or a way to know you haven’t messed up.  For me I reference reflection and from that I can tell if there are any runs and if I have gotten enough paint.  Some of that is also experience but, if you cannot see what you are doing then you can easily mess up.

    Below are some generic shots from the spray booth.  These photos do the panels no justice since you really need daylight to see the sparkles.

    The final two shots give you an idea as to what I mean.  With a normal flash the panel looks pretty solid however in directly sunlight you can make out the pearl.

    After a couple hours the parts were moved out of the booth to rest. 

    Start to finish the painting part of this project took 8 hours.  I started setting up the paint booth around 9am and had parts ready to paint by noon.  I was lucky and able to apply a coat every hour and allow the clear to cure for 2 hours before moving them out of the booth.