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  • Playing World War 3 Beta - Can it replace Battlefield 5
  • Playing World War 3 Beta - Can it replace Battlefield 5

    Show Notes

    For this podcast “Extra” we are revisiting one of our video formats and will be showing World War 3.  This is a game that we talked about on a previous episode as an exciting new title that could challenge the failed dominance of Battlefield 5 and popularity of the online tactical FPS. 

    The game currently features two basic game types:  Tactical Ops and Team Deathmatch.

    Team Deathmatch is a familiar gametype where you pit teams against each other and the first to 50 kills is the winner.  This gametype is designed to be “fast and furious” and tends to favor those who are familiar with the maps and is paying attention to what is going on around them.  Based on our experience there are a few balance issues but, they appear to be related to level and loadout making it important that teams be made up of experienced and low-level players alike.

    Tactical Ops is your traditional capture the flag where your squads need to capture control points and defend them until your team collects enough points to win the game.  The maps in this game mode are larger versions of what you find in Team Deathmatch and command that players actually plan their attacks and work together to be effective. 

    As with any team-based game, it is important to work with other players to get the most from the game.  To facilitate this WW3 offers a way to build a squad so that when the maps change the players are moved together instead of getting a bunch of randoms.

    It will be interesting to see this game go live and how it will change under the Free to Play model.  Given that it borrows many feature from PUBG while staying true to the “classic” Tactical FPS it could very well be a contender for correcting the wrongs that have been forced on us by the greedy MW and BF developers.

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