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  • Computex 2024 Coverage Part 1: the Calm Before the Storm plus Nvidia
  • Computex 2024 Coverage Part 1: the Calm Before the Storm plus Nvidia


    Hosts: Dennis Garcia and Darren McCain
    Time: 36:58

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    Originally recorded June 2024

    Show Notes

    As with most trip reports the Coverage of Computex 2024 will be split across several episodes so you can enjoy the episode without too much of a time commitment. 

    NVIDIA Keynote
    NVIDIA had a huge presence at Computex as being that company who was there but, actually wasn’t.  Of course, this is not the first time that NVIDIA has taken advantage of Computex by having events scheduled during the show but actually hosting their presentations at remote locations.  For instance, one year NVIDIA hosted at their Taipei offices while other years they reserved ballroom space at the Grand Hyatt.

    This year was no different, the pre-show keynote was held at the National Taiwan University sports arena and really was nothing more than a contextual version from GTC.  The one major difference was the announcement of their release cadence along with next generation codenames for the next six years.

    AMD Keynote
    On the official Day before Computex Dr Lisa Su presented the keynote to kick off the show and talked about what AMD was doing to enhance their AI Processing portfolios and some next generation desktop and data center parts.  Unlike with NVIDIA AI presentation there was subtle jabs at how the NVIDIA systems were being built and how AMD could do the same thing with open and off the shelf technologies making the systems accessible and easy to build.

    Gigabyte was showing their vision for what AI could be for many companies that require private AI models.  This includes an entirely new hardware portfolio that borrows some technologies from some of the most exciting times in gaming and overclocking history.

    Some of the highlights were the new Tachyeon overclocking motherboard that looks a lot like the EVGA Dark and some limited edition and numbered products with 24 karat gold badges.

    beQuiet was showing off their next generation “corner office” chassis design that is also a universal cube.  One of the common modifications has been users wanting to invert their motherboard and while some cases allow you to do this it often takes multiple steps and considerable time to make happen.  Well, the new Light Base 600 allows you reposition the chassis by simply moving the feet.  This gives you the option to invert the motherboard or even lay it flat in a test bench configuration without any internal modifications

    The final vendor in this episode is Corsair where they presented a number of products from game controllers to new AIO and DIY water coolers, gaming simulators and even accessories to help with online streaming.

    What Dennis found interesting is the brazen move to create 30mm thick fans.  The new design allows for a modified fan profile allowing it to move more air without having to increase the overall RPM.  Basically, the justification is that “its just a little bit” and won’t interfere with a modern computer case.

    The second item is the new DROP keyboards with an infinite amount of customization from the overall covers, to the mid-plates that hold the keys, they individual keys, keycaps and decorations along the back panel.  Everything can be changed allowing you to create a truly unique keyboard.

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    Episode 160 featured music:
    Little People - Start Shootin' (http://www.littlepeoplemusic.com/)