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  • bequiet Pure Loop AIO Watercooler Review
  • bequiet Pure Loop AIO Watercooler Review



    There are several things to consider when looking at a self-contained watercooling solution.  Performance and price are always seem like the most important factors but when you consider that most watercooling units all follow a similar formula it is nice to see something different.   In this review we looked at the Pure Loop 280mm from bequiet.  This is a new AIO solution for them that changes the typical formula with a decoupled pump design.

    You’ll find the pump positioned inline near the radiator that not only allows for the cold plate (the CPU block to be larger but also allowed bequiet to use a much larger pump making this AIO more of a mini-DIY loop over a self-contained AIO.

    To further this concept the Pure Loop also comes with a fill port and a bottle of coolant allowing the user to top off their cooler after several years of use.  The concept of an AIO is to offer a maintenance liquid cooling solution and addition of a fill port breaks this concept but, in a good way.

    Testing the cooler went extremely well.  Installation was straight forward and the universal mounting hardware helped to simplify the process.  Performance was extremely good with C/W results being stable across both the default and overclocked temperature tests.  This would indicate that the cooler can handle more load but is realistically done to offer a better platform for silent operation.

    As always, the Pure Wings 2 fans were dead quiet with only the noise of the pump being audible.  It would seem that despite the pump being rubber mounted and suspected by rubber hoses it still has a slight hum and by slight, I mean. You can hear it if you are trying to hear it otherwise it dies away as white noise in your system.

    Good Things

    Excellent Radiator Design
    Decoupled Pump
    Large Pump
    Large CPU Block
    Excellent Performance
    Pure Wings 2 Fans Included
    Extra Coolant Included

    Bad Things

    Pump is louder than expected

    Hardware Asylum Rating
    bequiet Pure Loop AIO Watercooler Review