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  • EVGA X299 Micro Motherboard Review
  • EVGA X299 Micro Motherboard Review


    Multi GPU Index

    The Hardware Asylum Multi-GPU index is a portable set of data we can use to determine the multi-gpu potential of any motherboard.  A higher index number indicates a favorable condition for multiple graphics cards while a lower number indicates a hindrance in one of our leading indicators.  Since the Index is not dependent on system architecture it can be applied to any motherboard regardless of processor or chipset generations.

    Multi-GPU Scorecard (44-Lane)

    Index: 5
    Optimized: 2x
    Max Support: 3x

    Alternative Multi-CPU Scorecard (28-Lane)

    Index: 4
    Optimized: 2x
    Max Supported: 3x

    Alternative Multi-CPU Scorecard (16-Lane)

    Index: 2.75
    Optimized: 2x
    Max Supported: 3x

    Technologies Supported

    NVidia SLI
    AMD Crossfire

    As indicated by the PCI Express layout chart there are a total of three 16x PCI Express slots on this motherboard with two of them using bandwidth earmarked for video cards.  The configuration is rather unique because you are given a choice of bandwidth allocations depending on your system configuration and processor selection.

    The top two 16x slots use bandwidth directly from the CPU.  This configuration changes if you are using a 44, 28 or 16-Lane processor where the number of lanes to each slot will change.  At first I found this to be a little strange however it makes sense to run an dual 8x configuration for a 16-Lane CPU as it simplifies the lane switching for larger processors. 

    For best video performance you will want to populate slots #1 and #3 with video cards but, you already know that given how small this motherboard is.