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  • Aorus Radeon RX 570 4G Video Card Review
  • Aorus Radeon RX 570 4G Video Card Review


    Aorus Graphics Engine Software

    One of the defining factors of a gaming video card is the included software.  Aorus has included their Graphics Engine software package that helps to unlock all of the extra features included with this video card.

    The first screen you will see allows you to set one of the pre-defined performance profiles.  At the lowest level these are overclocking profiles that control GPU and fan speed.  Gaming is the default and will set the core clock to 1280Mhz.

    OC Mode increases the core clock to 1295Mhz.  As an overclocker I know the GPU can do better and is where you can use the USER Profile to tweak and tune your card to better suit your needs.

    The final screen is an input into Aorus RGB Fusion.  From here you can set the RGB LEDs to any number of situations like reacting to GPU utilization where Green LEDs will change to Yellow and Red depending on how hardcore your game is.  Or you can simply have it cycle through the color spectrum.

    One nice feature of RGB Fusion is that when you have other Aorus/Gigabyte products in your system supporting RGB Fusion the LED effects are transmitted to those devices as well.