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  • Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Super Video Card Review
  • Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Super Video Card Review


    Rise of the Tomb Raider

    Tomb Raider is one of the oldest game franchises that has spawned numerous sequels and even spilled over to the silver screen.  In this 3rd person game you follow Laura as she navigates the hub and spoke style of gameplay that borrows elements from the Uncharted series.  We used the Prophets Tomb benchmark sequence for this test in both DX11 and DX12

    Benchmark Settings
    Preset Very High
    Texture Quality Very High
    Texture Filter Anisotropic 16x
    Anit Aliasing FXAA
    Level of Detail Very High
    Depth of Field Very High
    Tessellation On

    The curves between DX11 and DX12 are almost identical with the game favoring DX12 due to the large frame buffer and increased memory bandwidth.  You can tell the RTX drivers favor DX12 with the higher performance numbers being recorded on the DX12 side while the DX11 is rather flat.

    Here is a good example of how RTX falls on its face when it comes to DX11 performance.  The 2080 Super, which is supposed to be faster, is actually slower in this benchmark against the overclocked 2080 AMP Extreme.  Then of course the 1080 Ti walks away with it.

    On the DX12 front, things normalize indicating that someone has been tweaking the code.