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  • After Two Years We Went Back to the Consumer Electronics Show 2023
  • After Two Years We Went Back to the Consumer Electronics Show 2023


    Mad Catz

    I was able to meet with a few new companies during CES 2023 and the one which impressed me the most was Mad Catz.  The company has been around for a very long time building some quality gaming peripherals, mice and flight sticks.  In fact, one of my favorite mice of all times was the first-generation R.A.T 7.  For a gaming mouse it tracked well and came with some quality switches however, what made it unique was the degree of customization you could do to personalize the mouse and make it first your style of gaming.

    Mad Catz was showing the next generation of RAT mice called the R.A.T 8+ Advanced.  This mouse features the same degree of customization found on previous RAT mice and features a new 20,000 DPI sensor.

    I especially like the red and black color theme and attached USB cable.

    Other items include a number of mechanical gaming keyboards, including the Strike 13 and a really cool arcade fight stick called the TE3.

    The TE3 is an upgrade to the popular TE2 and features some quality arcade quality Sanwa buttons and joystick.   This controller is designed for tournament play and is fully customizable making it a perfect accessory for those who want an arcade experience without having to visit the arcade.