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  • Aorus Z270X Gaming 5 Motherboard Review
  • Aorus Z270X Gaming 5 Motherboard Review


    RGB LEDs Everywhere - RGB Fusion

    RGB Fusion

    Gigabyte calls their RGB LED effects RGB Fusion.  It encompasses onboard LED lights embedded into the PCB and off board LEDs using the RGB LED header located at the bottom of the motherboard.

    These lights are full RGB spectrum and can be controlled by the included RGB Fusion app.  By default they are a neutral red and can be changed to any color with a variety of different effects across three different profiles.

    There is even an intelligent mode that reacts to system events such as CPU Usage, CPU Temperature, CPU Fan and even at a scheduled time. 

    As far as color rendering the major colors like Red, Green and Blue are quite accurate however some of the blended colors, like Orange for instance, get washed out.  You can adjust that by lowering the intensity but you never quite get a true orange despite setting the HEX value for the color you want.