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  • Roccat Isku and Kone Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Review
  • Roccat Isku and Kone Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Review


    Keyboard Features

    Another innovative feature is the use of three Thumbster keys below the space bar.  These three keys are fully programmable and spaced within easy reach of your thumbs.  It is easy to find these keys by touch with both hands providing something more for those thumbs than just the space bar.  Each of these keys works with the Easy-Shift[+] key for a total of 6 custom settings. 

    You can also see the textured wrist guard with the large imbedded logo.  I thought the size would be an issue but after only minutes of play I found the size and texture to be justified.  Your grip is solid and the extra surface area makes it easy and comfortable to shift your hand position down for the Thumbster keys.
    The usual multimedia keys can be found across the top of the keyboard and all function right out of the box with just the Windows drivers.  Strangely these keys are not illuminated.  While far from a show stopper, I do like to listen to a bit of music while gaming the night away, even in the dark.
    If you have been paying attention, you should be asking where that third programmable bank of buttons is located.  ROCCAT has taken the entire first five rows of keys on the left and made them customizable through the Easy-Shift[+] key.  No more shifting your hand off the keyboard to find macro keys in the heat of the action.  With Isku you can enable 20 separate macros as easily as you would key in a capital letter.  This really could be the most innovative keyboard idea I have seen in a long time. 

    Why didn't I think of it?
    Connectivity is provided via a sturdy USB cable that is individually labeled.  The labeling could come in handy when you are working behind a desk I guess but it does add a touch of unexpected class.  Unlike many of the gaming keyboards I have used, the cable is not detachable.  While some swear by a solid connection, I appreciate the ability to replace the most frequently damaged part of my keyboard arsenal.  

    Also worth mentioning are the features on the back side of the keyboard.  While they don't photograph well, the large sticky feet, adjustable height and cable channels are welcome features we often take for granted.  I am already running my headphone cable under the Isku and safely out the front.