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  • Roccat Isku and Kone Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Review
  • Roccat Isku and Kone Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Review


    Gaming Software Cont.

    Once you have loaded a macro or recorded one of your own, the Isku driver offers two ways to tweak the macro to perfection.  The Basic Editor shows the keystrokes allowing for a quick and easy to read view of the entire macro sequence.  I found this simple nature of this screen was enough to have me setting up macros in trial and error mode.
    The Advanced editor offers access to the exact timing of every action.  Adjustments are done via simple drag and drop.  The zoom feature even allows tweaks down under a millisecond.  I rarely need this level of control in the games I play but it's nice to see the support available and easy to use.
    The EasyZone Control tab is where those 20 keyboard keys can be individually configured.  The functionality is a bit less that the Function Keys offer but the shift over for these keys will most likely be quick or concentrated based on the game/application.  Still a wealth of common game mapping and macros are still available for your use right out of the box.  I can only imagine the micro management options available for macro powerhouses like StarCraft 2 or World of Warcraft.
    As you would expect, the Media Keys/F-Keys tab offers customization for those keys as well.  Even your default media player is selectable.  These keys are pretty limited but the option to customize even these keys is a nice plus.
    Advanced Control provides access to keyboard specific functionality. Character repeat adjustments accent the built in enhanced anti-ghosting technology to provide precise key control.  Keyboard illumination can be manually adjusted in all 6 levels and set to time out when idle.  ROCCAT even gives you the ability to disable common keys that are known to disrupt a game right in the middle of a crucial moment like the Windows keys.
    Sound feedback can be adjusted here as well.  I was afraid the verbal feedback would get annoying but having the ability to turn it off solved that problem for you.  In reality I found the verbal prompts a welcome change once I got used to them.  You will only hear them when recording or changing your profile unless you pair another ROCCAT Talk enabled device to the keyboard.  (More on that later.)

    The Update/Support tab provides easy access to driver updates and support. Offering direct links to driver downloads and details on your current driver version.  Online support, email support and access to an online support request form are all present though an internet connection is clearly required to get much out of them.

    To really appreciate the Isku we also have to take a look at its companion; the ROCAT Kone[+] gaming mouse.