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  • Roccat Isku and Kone Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Review
  • Roccat Isku and Kone Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Review


    Mouse Features

    ROCCAT puts a lighting system into the Kone[+] that uses a four LED multicolor system to accent the sides or light pipes.  It's a system unlike anything else on the market (and probably the reason there isn't a wireless variant).  Each of the lights can be programmed to light up, pulse are change color over a broad spectrum of colors.  More about this when we visit the driver but I have mine set to fully lighted flowing across all available colors at a medium speed. 

    The result is a slow fading across the colors that simply must be seen to appreciate!  Of course the simple setup is to set the color to match the rest of your system no matter what color.
    The default weight is 126g not including the cord.  Four 5g weights are included in a pocket friendly carrying case.  I thought the weight was pretty good right out of the box but adding a single 5g weight really dialed it in for me without feeling like a heavier wireless mouse.  Coupled with the larger Teflon feet and the Kone[+] flowed across the pad.
    Like Isku, the Kone[+] has a solid 2 meter USB cable with a nicely labeled plug.  My review sample was pretty tightly bound and the kinks in the cable are pretty stubborn even after several weeks of hanging loose from my desk's keyboard tray.  It's a minor annoyance but can cause the cable to drag when I get a bit animated in my horizontal movement.