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  • Aorus X299X Xtreme Waterforce Motherboard Review
  • Aorus X299X Xtreme Waterforce Motherboard Review


    Aorus All-In-One Monoblock

    One of the defining features of the X299X Xtreme Waterforce is the full coverage monoblock that cools the entire system.  It really is a marvel to behold and quite heavy!

    The block features a water inlet and outlet at the top of the monoblock that sit above a very large Aorus eagle logo.  Due to the white midplate separating the top of the block from the nickel plated copper cold plate you’ll have a difficult time seeing the Aorus logo.

    Given that the block is designed to cool everything on the motherboard it features a large variety of thermal pads at the VRM, Chipset and M.2 drives. These points make direct contact with components on the motherboard and some care needs to be taken when installing the block.

    The copper strip that you’ll see around the block is a leak detection strip and will trigger a warning when it detects a fluid leak.  For novice watercooling enthusiasts “leaks” appear to be their biggest fear and the one thing preventing them from enjoying their high-end builds.  This little bit of copper ensures they will know when a leak happens. 

    Of course for those of us that know better say very few leaks happen at the block but rather the area between the fitting and the tubing.

    Installing the monoblock is really straight forward process but does require some extra hardware, some muscles and steady hand.  Consult the manual and be sure to do a test fit so you can tell when the block is installed correctly.

    When installed the board will look something like what is shown here.  (hint: the block isn't really installed in this photo, just placed in the proper location)